Thursday, September 4, 2008

What Am I Doing Today?

Garry has a very finely tuned system. Any little thing can upset it. Yesterday was a long day at work with an upset stomach, and unfortunately he added to the problem by having, of all things, Taco Bell for dinner. Four tacos. He ate four tacos. I know because I counted because one of them was supposed to be mine.

He paid dearly for the theft.

When dinner wracked havoc with his sensitive system, we were at WalMart. Oh dear.

I took the girls to the Jeep while Garry explored the wonders of the mens restroom in WalMart. And not the somewhat nice WalMart in LaPlata. I'm talking about the sketchy WalMart in downtown Waldorf.

A few minutes later, Garry joined us at the Jeep, pale and thoroughly shaken. All he could say for awhile was to ask me to remind him to take a shower when he got home.

Being curious, I pressed for more details. "It would have been more sanitary if I had just had an accident in my own pants. At least then I'd know where the germs came from."

I laughed so hard at the image of Garry carefully debating whether to use that only available toilet or suffer the conseuquences that I nearly went into an early labor.

Well, last night he never did get that shower.

So what am I doing today? Washing the sheets, of course.


Sylvia said...

Alicia...funny but so gross! That is exactly why my kids aren't allowed to use the restrooms at Walmart :)

Garry said...

Taco Bell only exacerbated the problem. Alicia and/or Macey gave me some stomach bug that was the cause of my terrible condition.

To paint an even better image for you was like they painted the seats with (several coats of) urine and then let it dry. I spent a few minutes using some TP to scrub it off best I could, but without any detergent or cleanser can you really get it sanitary? Doubtful.

Sarah Knight said...

I just laughed so hard. You guys are hilarious!