Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Laughter. . . Gone Too Soon

Hearing Emma and Macey laugh and play together is a great joy. I had them 16 months apart on PURPOSE (crazy, I know) so that they could be best friends. And so far all of the work is paying off. They really do enjoy playing together most of the time. Almost as much as they enjoy tattling on each other all of the time.

When I hear them laughing, I always get a little nervous because usually great laughter turns into great sobs as the game is taken too far and someone gets hurt.

Today they were playing in their room, and my heart clenched as I heard a great, loud THUD. I caught my breath, waiting for the shrieking and crying to begin.

Instead, I heard a little giggling and Emma's voice, "Okay, now you try."

I rushed down the hall, threw open the door, and distracted them with promises of watching the Sleeping Beauty movie before Macey could try to make her own great thud.

I'm still not sure what she was dared to do.

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