Thursday, September 25, 2008

Hiding Places

Macey has a hiding place in the house for her stuff.

Okay, actually she has two. It's the area around the windows in the living room -- either behind the shades or under the nearest couch cushion.

Thank goodness I've discovered it. Because she puts some pretty important things in there. Toys, pieces of games, pacifiers (everytime she hears Garry and I talk about taking them away) but the worst was yesterday: four videos from the library. You know the library videos -- the ones you get charged $1 late fee per day. Yep, four videos.

I do not blame her. Siblings are SCARY things and they are constantly taking things away. You've got to hide what is yours to keep it safe!! What I am worried about is that she will find a better hiding place. And then put something smelly in it. That just would just. . . well. . . stink.

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