Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Yesterday I got a glimpse at how fragile we all are.

I was taking the girls to storytime at the library when I lost my footing and fell down the stairs. Not too many. Just about four. And they were carpeted. And I hit my bum all the way down. And my elbow. So I was pretty sure that the baby was alright, but still, you worry when you cannot see and cannot check things out yourself.

Little Emma sensed the most that my fall was not a good thing. She kept asking when we were going to the doctor so that I could get my bandaid!

A bandaid fixes everything, after all.

So far, all is well, but Sting is right. We do need to stop and think more often about how fragile we are.


dunowland said...

Alicia, I am so glad that you are okay and you made it down on your bottom and not anything else.

Sylvia said... careful, you are almost there :)
I love that you quoted one of my favorite Sting songs