Monday, September 8, 2008

The Royal Battle

I've blogged before about my ongoing battle with hardwater stains in my bathroom. It's an ongoing battle, one that I am starting to take personally. On Saturday I decided that the battle was on, and I was SO prepared. Here was my battle plan: general scrubbing, followed by bleaching, followed by OxiCleaning, followed By LimeAway, followed by CLR, followed by Mr. Clean Magic Erasers.

Can you guess the outcome?

That's right, the hardwater stain survives to fight another day. In fact, I think that I can still hear it chuckling.

So I surrendered and just put in some of those blue bowl cleaners. If I can't see it, maybe it isn't there.

(Alright, I know it's there, but maybe I can forget about it for awhile.)


Melissa said...

Have you tried Borax? The water is rediculously hard here in England and everyone swears by Borax. Good Luck. I had the same problem in Texas.

Natalie C. said...

Is this in the toilet? What kind of bleach did you try? That mark around the water line on the inside of the toilet I've had luck with Ajax with bleach.