Thursday, September 18, 2008

Desperate Situation

It's our tradition this year to go to the gym every Tuesday and Thursday. The girls get to go to Kidz Klub, and I get a little time to read my book on the treadmill.

This week, when I was getting ready to hit the gym, I could not find my nice smelling Degree Deodorant. The girls like to "get ready" with me and so I was sure it just wandered off. . . I just did not know where. Should I venture out without it? Ugh, not to the gym, and let's be honest, even if I was not going to the gym, it still would not have been a good idea.

I looked over at Garry's collection. Surely there must be some options in there. Okay, there were two: Speed Stick or Old Spice. One smelled like a guy and the other smelled like a guy. But I was desperate.

Sure enough, about ten smelling-like-a-guy minutes later, I fould my lovely Degree, Powder Fresh. I tried to put it on, but I just ended up smelling like a powdery fresh guy.

When Garry got home from work, I confessed what I had done. He came over to sniff out which one I had chosen, but all that he said was that it had apparently worn off.

Not sure what he meant by that.


Garry said...

That Garry sounds like one funny guy.

Tina said...