Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Lately I've had a lot of questions going through my head.

Question 1: In Candy Land, if you start off with two oranges, do you still get to cross the bridge and proceed to the next orange, or do you have to just go two oranges?

Question 2: In Sleeping Beauty, if the fairies are only able to use their magic for good, how can they help Prince Phillip kill the evil witch?

Question 3: In the movie Transformers, when he is running away from Bumble Bee, it's daytime. Then he runs into the parking garage with that girl and when they come out two seconds later, it's night. What the? Do they really not think that we'll notice?

These are the things I struggle with.


Natalie C. said...

Never, never buy the mind-numbing game of Gowns & Crowns. Although your girls would probably love it, you will feel like hiding it after the 2nd time playing.

Tina said...

You are just to quick for me . . . I'd probably not notice any of the items on your list . . . . but number 2 . . . . killing evil is good sometimes . . . like you know, Nephi and Laban? and the cutting off of arms in the Ammon story . . . hmmmmmmmm