Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Most Amazing Thing

This summer was my SUMMER OF THE BENCH! Emma was almost four and Macey was 2 1/2 this summer. They were old enough to go to the park and go to the pool and I did not have to be constantly behind them, watching every step. It was my time to observe from the bench while the girls played and played and played.

Sometimes my SUMMER OF THE BENCH worked. They generally did well at the park, but both needed help on the swings. And Emma usually would ask for help on the monkey bars at our little park across the street. But I'd tell her that monkey bars were for big kids, because, after all, this was my SUMMER OF THE BENCH and who knows when I will get another one.

But today, the most amazing thing happened. Emma made it across the monkey bars by herself. All by herself. She swung, she grabbed, she swung, she grabbed. I know that lots of kids accomplish this skill, and I know that even I was able to do this at one time, but watching Emma do it when she's so small, I think that I have to have the most talented daughter on the planet. At least for today.


Kiersten said...

Wait to go Emma! This accomplishment is a big kids would talk about it for anyone, they were so proud of themselves.

Natalie C. said...

Wow! That is really cool for someone that little! I think this summer was my summer on the computer chair or on the couch watching TV. My poor kids!