Monday, September 22, 2008

Money, Money

When I was small, I remember being at the store with my Mom and trying to not stare at the candy so she would not feel bad about not getting me a candy bar. My Mom was/is VERY careful with money, being a child of the depression. We only got what we really needed or could not make. My Dad respected this, but his sweet tooth overcame his carefulness. It was always a different experience shopping with my Dad.

I do not know the best way to teach my kids about money. I try to explain that things cost money, and I do not always have money for things, but I do not want them to worry about money.

At night, I rub the girls backs and we plan the next day. We were planning our outing for the next day and the girls requested "Chicken and Rice" which is something that we get and share at the food court in the mall. Then Emma asked, "Mom, do you have enough money? Maybe you can ask Dad for some."

Is this healthy? Should she be considering how much things cost and if we could afford it before she is even four? And shouldn't she know that Dad's money is my money ;)

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Garry said...

Dad doesn't have any money!