Sunday, September 21, 2008

My Own Personal Happy Dance

When my dear friend Natalie finds a good product or has a good experience, she talks about doing a happy dance. She's a great inspiration! So here are some things that have me doing me own personal happy dance lately:

(1) Football: My husband is the expert, but I am not SO far behind, and I am so glad that this year the Redskins and BYU do not stink. Happy Dance.

(2) Princess Time!: My girls have discovered princesses and how fun to be surrounded by Belle and Ariel and Aurora and Snow White and even Giselle. Happy Dance.

(3) Noxema Scrub Wash: It leaves my skin feeling clean. A great find for $4.95. Happy Dance.

(4) Portrait Innovations: They were patient with my girls (Macey, PLEASE SMILE!) and did not mind when we bought the really cheap package. Happy Dance.

(5) Wachovia in Waldorf: They opened up ten minutes early because they saw me in the parking lot and the lady at the counter said that she did not need to see an ID because she REMEMBERED ME. What? Good service on the East Coast? Happy Dance.

(6) Sisters: So September 17th really snuck up on me and I did not get a present out for my Mom's birthday and so my sister added my name to her card. She's so together. Happy Dance.

(7) CSM Piano Class: After three full weeks, my adults in my piano class are still all coming back, each and every week. And after years of trying to get my private teaching business up and running, I actually now have a WAITING LIST. It has two people on it. Happy Dance.

(8) Garry: Cooked the girls breakfast, got the church bags ready, and let me sleep after so many nights of insomnia this week. And did not give me a hard time for leaving church early to get some more sleep. Happy Dance.

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Tina said...

Very happy, you're happy!