Saturday, September 6, 2008

A Little Crazy, Well . . . Maybe A Lot

Waldorf, Maryland is the worst possible place for me to live, considering my mental health.

I can explain.

You see, I am the youngest of seven, and by a long shot. There is a seven year gap between my nearest sister and myself, and when I was born, half of my siblings were teenagers.

So at a young age, my siblings left the nest on to bigger and better things, and I stayed home. They all left. So I developed a little thing called an "abandonment complex." Well, it's not so little. It's pretty large, actually.

When I was a month shy of 18, it was finally my turn to leave the nest and head off for bigger and better things, and I took advantage of it as fast as I could! I attended BYU in the summer term and had a great time.

I also started the weird habit of moving at least every eight months. Something better was always around the corner, after all.

Several years later (we won't go into how many), I'm in Waldorf, Maryland, where, due to the high military and government presence, people move, all the time.

And my abandonment complex has reared it's ugly head. Everybody is moving, and I'm trying to figure out why I'm still here.

I know that utopia is not on the other end of a U-Haul truck. I just do not know how to be perfectly content exactly where I am.


Stephanie said...

Well I would be very sad and lonely if you left me.

by AnnieValentine said...

Yes Yes Yes. I so feel you. And um, Waldorf isn't the best place on Earth. It does have the best people, some of them (and some of the worst), so it's understandable that if these people move it will really stink.

Am I making any sense? Come to Utah. I like it.

dunowland said...

I know how you feel. Everyone is moving and we are still here. An assignment that was suppose to be only four years is now in its fifth year and I am getting a little itchy to move.

Tina said...

Amen Alicia . . .

We were suppossed to be here 4 years and we are on our 9th year. Our ward has almost totally flipped upside down. It is like having everyone die on you.

And by the way, I've been meaning to tell you . . . you can consider yourself an only child with a 7-year gap between you and your siblings. Consider what that means to you . . . . . . .

Natalie C. said...

I'm the oldest child in my family & I HATE being the one staying here when I'm used to being the one moving. (It's A LOT easier, right?) This ward has been really tough for me. We have been here 5 years and I'm still the one reaching out & no reciprocation at all. Everyone we at one point clicked with has moved away!!!!!! Argh. I think we had like 15 families in our ward move this summer or something like that. (But that's pretty normal. It happens every summer.) And the weird thing is that the new people probably think that since I've been in the ward for a while, I have my own little group of friends, but au contraire- I'm pretty lonely.