Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My Little Lady

When Emma was born, she and Garry had an instant connection. He'd come home from work and they'd snuggle up for a good long nap. He always carried her and pushed her in the stroller. They were the bestest of friends.
So it was with relief that when I had Macey, I finally had a little buddy of my own. And what a buddy she has been.
But lately I have been trying to teach my buddy about privacy. The other day when I was getting ready in the bathroom, I told Macey that I needed a little privacy. She said "Okay" and walked all the way in and closed the door behind her. Apparently we needed privacy from Emma.
So a few days later I tried again but this time locked the door! Macey started pounding on the door asking, "Mama, you okay? You stuck in there?" The fact that I would separate myself on purpose would never occur to her. We's buddies.

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