Thursday, September 11, 2008

A One Way Ticket

Apparently my hormonal mood swings almost got me a one way ticket to visit my family -- paid in full by my long-suffering husband.

Have some pity. I have two hormonal crashes going on. First, a few years ago I lost my thyroid when it went into hyperdrive and had to go through a radioactive iodine treatment. So I'm on a synthroid hormone to make up for what my thyroid no longer puts out. And to make sure I have enough for me and the baby, my thyroid levels are way high. It makes me a little manic -- nervous and unable to really focus. Or sleep. You know, they have some great merchandise for sale on QVC at 4 am.

My nesting has also gone into overdrive. I feel like there is so much to get done and I'm behind, behind, BEHIND!

So imagine feeling like you had so much to do and could not focus on any of it.

I tried explaining to Garry that this weekend we had to be crazy productive. There was much to do. Alright, he said. I did not think that he understood, so I called him back and restated how much we had to do this weekend. To which he said, Alright. I still did not think that he understood the URGENCY of it all, so I called him at work, again, and again stated how serious we had to be in our tasking this weekend. To which he said, "Utah is lovely in the fall."

But he did let me write out a list. And he's already accomplished two of the five things on said list. But if I start blogging from Utah, you'll know that a man can only take so much. . .

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Garry said...

Not to mention that this week both Alicia and I received email alerts about cheap roundtrip tickets to Utah. Coincidence? Hmmm.

I don't mind a "honey to do" list. In fact, weeks ago I made out a task list of things I needed to get done before the arrival of #3--and I'm making progress on that list.

BUT...I admit that after a long work week I also like to have some good ol' fashion family fun on the weekend--in addition to the "honey do" list.

To everything there is a season...