Thursday, September 25, 2008

My Thoughts On Snow White

My father was born in 1928. I think that he's okay with my revealing his age since he just had a big 80th birthday party. The number is well known.

Like so many families in the 30's, luxuries were few and far between. My father remembers with great fondness the day that he was able to go and see the movie Snow White in 1937. He would have been nine. It is a special movie for him.

I respect the movie. But I have some comments.

First of all, the dwarfs come home and are appalled that someone is in their house and has CLEANED their house. They immediately set out with plans to kill the intruder. Now, if I came home to a cleaning stranger, I would not be thinking, "How can I kill this person?" I would be trying to figure out a way to BEG THIS PERSON TO STAY! And then to find out that she cooks as well as cleans? Good love, I would be barring the doors from the inside. Especially Apple Dumplings. She can whip up an Apple Dumpling? Welcome, stranger! Their reaction, it's just not realistic.

Second, Doc. The leader of the pack. I like Doc. My kids like Doc. But I have something to say about Doc. When Snow White sends them outside to wash before dinner, he instructs the others on how to wash up and sings a little song. But doesn't anyone notice that while he's instructing others, HE'S NOT WASHING! He's the perfect politician -- telling everyone what to do with a smile and doing his own thing on the side.

Third, the Prince. Oh my, the Prince. Now, Snow White should not run off with this guy. He's just not reliable. He's there at the beginning and then takes off and shows up at the end. If Snow White was not so darn nice, she really should be asking him where he's been! Where was he when the Woodsman tried to kill her? Or the dwarfs? Or when the witch came a'knockin? He's a too late Charlie. She could do better. I hope that she does a Runaway Bride when the camera stops running and takes that horse and finds someone more reliable, with a good job and a good healthcare plan, because everyone knows that apple is going to leave some lasting side affects. And after so many attempts on her life, she's going to need some therapy.

That said, fabulous movie, Walt.

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Sylvia said...

I will never watch Snow White the same way again :)
Surprising that is a movie I have actually seen.
You are so funny Alicia!