Friday, September 5, 2008

My Fickle Friend

Pregnancy hormones can be fickle friends. In about my fifth month, they were my best of friends. My hair looked all nice and my nails that are in a constant state of chipped were actually growing! I thought about getting a manicure because I actually had something to manicure.

But then my fickle friends went away.

And last week they turned on me -- big time.

It started with the slump. I was sick and stressed out and could not make myself do simple tasks like making the bed. I was super moody and had I been a cricket, I probably would have eaten my mate and my offspring in my wrath. My nails all broke and my hair looked like something from a Fraggle Rock movie.

The slump lasted a few days and then my hormones turned on me again. And it all started with this man coming to my door trying to sell me a cleaner for $60 a gallon. To show me how well it worked, he cleaned some things around my doorway. And suddenly I saw my house through his eyes, and it wasn't pretty. Did you know my door has mold spores on it and they are toxic?

So I vacuumed. I mopped. I scrubbed. I washed. I folded. I baked. I VACUUM PACKED, for the love.

But my nails are only so-so. And my hair is still a little fraggly. Good hormones, COME BACK!


Sylvia said...

So...the cleaner was $60 but the slump-breaking was free? You got a great deal :)

Cunningham Blog said...

To spare my husband the heart attack -- I didn't buy the cleaner, Garry, I promise! But you need to clean the front door. Yuck.

Natalie C. said...

Oh poor thing. I hope you feel better soon. Is this cleaning nesting? Are you going to have this baby early?