Monday, September 29, 2008

A Poor Role Model

On Mondays, the girls and I enjoy "Movie Time Monday", an opportunity to kick back after breakfast and watch a movie.

Today it was Bambi.

I do try to interact with the girls while they watch the movie. But today I messed up.

During the Spring Scene, when Bambi was out with his mother and found grass under the snow, I proudly started to share my knowledge with the girls. Mind you, I do have a juris doctorate, so I have LOADS of knowledge to share.

"Look girls," I said, "They found grass under the snow. Deers like grass."

The minute it was out of my mouth, I realized my mistake. I was appalled. I expected men in dark suits to knock on m door and take my degrees away. I said DEERS. While trying to teach my children, I used the words DEERS.

I guess I'll leave language training and development to Garry.

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Sylvia said...

Alicia...if that's the biggest mistake you make with the girls today, you are doing an awesome job.
I took Peyton to the Waldorf Walmart this morning...what kind of mom am I? Ugh!! No good role models there :(