Tuesday, September 1, 2009


One of my favorite classes at BYU was a Theory of Communications course. Did you know that when the television came out there was a theory that it would be good for communities? That people, who previously had been hanging out on their front porches would now go into their homes and watch the same show and then be able to talk with one another about that show? It was thought that this would bond people to one another and stregthen communities.

I am not sure if it has worked. True, I can talk to Sylvia about the crazy blond on Real Housewives. Tara and I can dish about Top Chef. Stephanie and I can critique American Idol. But wouldn't we talk, anyway?

If you go around the block with my Mother, she can tell you everything about the people that live in each house, including their children and sometimes even their pets. She has about four working channels. So maybe the more channels you have the more likely you are to be a horrible neighbor?

For example, I have a neighbor that since we live in a townhouse we share a WALL with. We have been here for five years. Over those years she has never waved, said hello, told us congratulations for baby one, two or even three. No Happy Holidays. Nothing. It does not bother me until Macey tells her hello again and again and then asks why she did not say anything back (can you imagine ignoring a hi from a three year old?) and I have to explain, "Well, Macey, it's because she is a bit. . .bit. . .bit hard of hearing." Maybe from now on I can just tell Macey that she has a zillion television channels!


The GruCru said...

Did you read the article in the Washingtonian about the "World's Most Remote Island"? Made me think about that.

I think our "communities" used to be our neighborhoods, because that was our only options. Now I belong to sevaral communites: church, swim team, etc

Tina said...

Maybe Macey should ask her about the last episode of ????? :)

The first few book clubs I went to here I thought I was really out of it. Most of the conversation was about TV shows and what was going on in them. I wondered if I should start watching more TV and reading less books!!! BUT NO, that will never happen!

Kiersten said...

Hmmm...you may have something there. I'll let you know how it goes for us, we just stopped our DirecTV service.
Although I would love to dish anytime about American Idol :)

Sylvia said...

I feel so honored being mentioned in your blog...along with Kim (crazy blond from RH.)
I have a lot of channels but I still prefer real people over reality TV any day.. well except on Thursdays between the hours of 9-10.