Thursday, September 17, 2009

Oh, to be normal . . .

I have a sister that I greatly admire for her kindness and patience. When I had Molly, it seemed as though my stress level went into another orbit, and I found myself being so short with my kids. I would think about this sister and try to emulate her more, knowing that we came from the same gene pool so deep, deep down I knew I could find the ability to be like her.

Yesterday I was talking to this sister about our upcoming moves (she is also moving to Utah County in a few weeks) and we were discussing a planned community that had horrible reviews because the houses were so close together. After living in a townhouse, I am done sharing walls and looking into my neighbor's window that is straight across from ours.

She agreed that she wanted a larger lot so that she could yell at her kids without having the neighbors hear. I just laughed because I have never seen this sister raise her voice to her kids, but she admitted that she has had her husband stand on the sidewalk outside of her home so she could tell how much people could hear.

It was a funny story to hear, and for awhile I felt really, blessedly normal!

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The GruCru said...

I'm so going to try that. You'd also better compare the windows open and shut.