Friday, September 18, 2009

She Might Be Right

My favorite hairstyle for Macey is what I lovingly call "The Pebble Do". A little ponytail -- right on top. Lately she has been pushing for something a little more sophisticated -- maybe a headband or a ponytail in the back. I usually try to just do The Pebble Do really fast before she has a chance to put in a request or complain.

But the other day she started crying after I did her hair and looked at me with her most hurt face. "You made me look like a baby!" she said. And I realized, she was right. Ugh, when did she get so big?


LeeAnn said...

Just be happy that she lets you do her hair! I had to beg and plead with Megan for a Sunday-do!

Grammy said...

She looks beautiful no matter which "do" she has! Look at that face!