Monday, September 28, 2009

The Good News & The Bad News

Who knew that a mere 27 hours after Garry left I would be scrambling and looking for a Home Teacher!

During the home inspection, they found a gas leak. I called Washington Gas to report the leak. They came out, identified the location of the leak, but they did not fix it. He told me how to fix it, and then turned off the gas and left.

I did not worry when he left because the gas runs the furnace and who needs the furnace when it's still warm outside? Um, I do.

It's not just a furnace. It's a heating and cooling system and when the upstairs got up to 84 and Molly would not sleep, I started to panic. Really panic.

I turned the gas back on (that leak has not blown us up yet, right?) but it took me quite awhile and quite a few phone calls to get the pilot light back up. But the system was still down. After five phone calls I discovered that there was an emergency gas switch in the utility room and it had been turned off (who knew?)

It was a tough morning (termite inspection, round two) and a tough night, but I realized that now I know a little more about termite hiding places, the evils of mulch, the power of prayer, furnaces and pilot lights. And more knowledge is always a good thing.

Anytime I go out of my comfort zone, I learn something new, and that's the good news to go with the bad news.


The GruCru said...

Stuff like that always happens when your husband is gone. I'm so glad you got it fixed.

Stephanie said...

Sorry I wasn't much help. I'm glad you got it solved though!

LeeAnn said...

Ditto to Tara'a comment. The "bleep" always seem to hit the fan when the man is gone.