Thursday, September 3, 2009

Liar, Liar

Macey is not a fan of going to the bathroom. She is too afraid that she is going to miss something, and so she puts it off to the point of disaster. So, in desperation, I invented a little story.

Yesterday, when we were at Stephanie's house, I could tell that Macey really needed to go to the bathroom. But she denied it and attempted to continue playing; a difficult task when you are also doing the potty dance at the same time. Finally, I feigned severe alarm and said, "Macey! Your eyes are green! You have to go to the bathroom so badly that your eyes have turned green!"

Concerned, she ran to the bathroom.

Today she came up to me after many cups of water and fruit boxes and asked, "Mama, are my eyes green?"

Shock! Horror! "Yes, Macey, they are! You need to go to the bathroom right now!"

And off she went. Everything is a little easier to take when there's drama associated with it. I have no idea where she gets that from.


LeeAnn said...

But it's workin', right!!!

Sylvia said...

How about those of us with green eyes...what color do they turn?

The GruCru said...

blue+yellow=green. Sylvia, your's would turn chartruese (or however you spell it)

Kiersten said...

Hey, whatever works, right?

Stephanie said...

I used that at Tara's house too. She quickly made her way to the bathroom. : )