Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Aha! I Knew It!

Today was Day #2 of Pre-K for Emma. She was so excited to go to school. She kept asking if it was time to go yet and told me that she was worried that we were "going to miss the bus stop". Too cute.

But the time finally did come to go and she nearly did a cartwheel when she saw her little bus.

And I realized something on the way home that I had always thought but now it's confirmed.

I am a FABULOUS part-time Mom.

Emma is a wonderful girl. She truly tries to listen and help and she's just happy 99.9 percent of the time. She is a joy. So sending her out to school does not decrease my work-load because she is not that much work. But it has greatly decreased my guilt-load, which, being me, is heavy.

I no longer wonder if she is watching too much tv (yes) or is getting enough socialization (no) or if she is getting enough one-on-one time to learn things that she should be learning (never) or even if she is getting enough exercise (probably not). She's going to school and so now my job is making sure that she has a place to relax and feel comfortable and loved. And I am FABULOUS at that.

I am loving this school thing.


On The Go Family said...

I couldn't agree with your sentiments more. I, too, am a better mom when my little one has a bit of time away from me. Her program starts next Monday -- four days a week -- and I am COUNTING DOWN.

The GruCru said...

ditto! It's also not a bad thing to be apart a few hours each day to appreciate each other