Saturday, September 26, 2009

Stress to Stress

This week I have been a little bit stressed. We are moving toward closing and the townhouse is going through a series of inspections: termites, appraisals, home inspections, radon, etc. Ugh. Some things are going well and some things need to be addressed and fixed.

I have to admit, I am overwhelmed by it all. When I am in the woes of a mini-depression, I watch the Discovery Health Channel and watch the stories of courageous people who are going through things I cannot imagine. Though that helped, last night I realized that I just had to pray the stress away.

But, I thought about all the problems going on right now. A neighbor of ours from Alexandria passed away this week. She did not have any children, but I know that her family is devastated by the sudden loss of this young and kind-hearted woman. A dear member of the family is struggling with a job loss at the worst time in the worst economy. Members of our ward family are devastated due to strained relations in their family. There are lots of real problems right now.

As for my stress, it is so temporary. There is much to do but it will be done in three months. I wish I could just take a three month nap and wake up when it's all done, but I need to realize that it's just a bunch of little stuff in the broad scheme of life. So who was I to discuss my concerns with God. Didn't I know He was busy?

But I realized at about 4 am (ah, stress insomnia, how I've missed you. . .) that to think this way is to put limits on God's power and understanding. And that was just ridiculous.

So I prayed and begged for help. Here's hoping for a better week!


The GruCru said...

just remember, "this too shall pass"

Jana said...

Remember to always have faith. It will get you through.