Tuesday, September 15, 2009

To Bidet Or Not To Bidet?

I read an article in Newsweek this weekend that said toilet paper was on its way out! That's right! It seems that there is a growing segment of the population that believes toilet paper is not efficient and does not work.

In response to this a Japanese company is getting geared up to do a huge push for bidets in the American market. They will say that bidets clean better and they do not kill trees. It's a green product for a green product market crazed time.

So I'm wondering, is everyone really ready to give up squeezing their Charmin?


Sylvia said...

I'll never have to hear "Mom...wipe my butt again" ...oh the joy :)

Lisa said...

Before I sign up for the bidet movement, somebody is going to have to explain to me how they work. Okay, so I carefully lower myself over this thing, push the button and get a squirt of water, and then .... ? I'm wet. Now what? I've never understood the step that must come between "being wet" and "being dry enough to pull my pants back up." Doesn't that involve toilet paper or a towel or something? And, if so, couldn't I have just wiped myself with said toilet paper or towel in the first place and skipped the whole bidet step?

Tina said...

I for one, am not ready to sign up! Love your post subject lines!

And AMEN to Lisa . . . I've always wondered the same thing . . . . thanks for putting it into words!!! ;)

JohnCrapper said...

My mom and dad were taught to use the sears catalog... They taught me to use toilet paper... I taught my daughter how to use water to wash instead of wiping with paper.

My question is if toilet paper was invented in 1857. Then why did it take so long for toilet paper to catch on?

It is because we become fixated on the object we were potty trained with... No matter how sick it makes us, we don't question it.

It is time for a change because Americans are suffering... over 50% of us have a rectal or anal disease. UTI's and yeast infections are at an all time high.

The number one reason a person over 65 years of age is admitted into a hospital is because of hygiene.

What the Japanese company are introducing us to is a life changing product.

If you would like to see what they said on the View follow the link to watch the segment.


Tina said...

Is this guy's name really John Crapper? hahahahahahahahhah . . . . seriously???

Ken said...

I have been using a Bidet Toilet Seat for almost three years and I can tell you I would not go back to using toilet paper again. The feeling of being clean is great, just imagine cleaning your hands without using water. They have a nozzle that comes out when you are ready and it sprays warm water, the seat is heated and they also have an air dryer and others much more. I found this site to be helpful Bidet Toilet Seat Something we should all think about.

JohnCrapper said...

Hi Tina, I am glad that you found my name funny:) Maybe it would sound better like this... Crapper, John MD


Amber + Jonathan said...

hahaha I'm just loving the comments!

David said...

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Tina said...

I have heard that a toothbrush in the bathroom can get fecal matter on it by just by flushing the toilet . . . . what about all this spraying water????? I still say YUCK! Most american bathrooms have their toilet in the same area as their shower and their toothbrushes and their contacts and their makeup . . . yuck, yuck, yuck.

SORRY Alicia!!! By the way . . . do you know John Crapper???