Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Journey Begins

Today Garry started his FBI training in Quantico, Virginia. If we could build a bridge across the Potomac, he would probably only be about ten minutes away. As is, he has to drive up, over and down and so the entire trip is about 45 miles. Still not too bad.

When Garry left for his month-long trips to Mexico and Peru, I would have someone stay with me to help out. My sister Cindy came once and I think my Mom came for a trip. That was with just one kid! Now I have three and one seems like a vacation. I must have gotten more comfortable with being a Mom or they have just worn me down! Maybe a little of both!

Garry loves his girls, and this time apart is heartbreaking for him. But Quantico is so close; I think that he will be able to come home a lot more than he expects to. The good news is that the journey is already one day down!

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The GruCru said...

Wouldn't a bridge be nice-we could also get to the outlet mall in Woodbridge :)