Monday, September 28, 2009

Ten Months of Mollyliciousness

Today Molly is ten months old! This was a big month for her! She started walking and is getting pretty good at it. She is so proud of herself!

She has also gotten a lot better with the stairs (unfortunately). Yesterday Emma got in trouble for being too rough with Molly (she likes to try to pick her up) and was sent to her room. Molly loves Emma and so she just decided to follow her. She went up 14 stairs so that she could find her Emma.

And, speaking of Emma, it's Molly's favorite word and she walks around all day shouting and looking for her "EMMA! EMMA!".

Molly likes strawberries and eating cheerios off the floor because they are so much better than the ones on her tray. She still dislikes her carseat and still will not sleep through the night. Well, maybe this month!
Molly, ever so tired of her photo shoot!
Molly with her push walker. She likes this toy!

Molly gets to go to dance class with the girls and likes to hide her Dad's car keys.

"Why do you have a camera in here! I'm NAKED!"


LeeAnn said...

That last pic is so FUNNY!!! What a perfect expression on her face for your caption!

The GruCru said...

LeeAnn-that's exactly what I was going to say

Garry said...

She was making that face because she was eating the bubbles.