Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Blog Stalking

I have been known to occasionally blog stalk. When I am looking at a friend's blog, I will check out their blog list and see if we have friends in common or if it looks like an interesting subject.

But lately I have been going back and back to the same blog. A few weeks ago a friend on Facebook posted a notice about a young mother in her ward who had just lost her husband and needed help. She posted a link to the young mother's blog, and therein started my stalking.

This blog is heartbreaking. If we did not have a friend in common, I would think that it was fake because I cannot believe the composure this young mother has as she writes about the biggest heartache. She posted a blog the day after her husband died with minute-to-minute details of what happened that day. (He died due to complications with Lupus that he had only been diagnosed with two years earlier). She wrote a blog on looking for her husbands casket. She did a blog the day after the funeral. It's like looking into a Nicholas Sparks book, but knowing that this is actually happening. Not just happened. This is a blog. It's an ongoing happening that she is sharing with the world.

Her son is just a toddler, and he might appreciate having this detailed record of what happened. But I cannot help but wonder, if I lost my G, would I turn to my laptop? I do not think so, but I do know that I hope to never find out. Because I'm going to die first, of course, and G is going to move back to West Virginia and live like a king. And maybe he'll blog all about it.


Tina said...

Hey, lap tops are awesome! They are kind-a like having a pet to talk to. They don't interrupt you, they don't try to correct you, they don't roll their eyes at you . . . it's only when those comments start coming in that you wonder about what you've posted!

Sarah said...

Hey Alicia! I know who you are talking about. They had the funeral the week after I left AZ at my parents stake center. I guess my sister knows the people. It is truly sad to think about and she really does share a lot. I read her blog right before the funeral. It's a small world and blogging makes it even smaller. Ron makes fun of me for reading strangers blogs, but sometimes it's uplifting and insightful and I don't feel bad about it at all! By the way, your girls are too cute. I love your header picture!