Friday, January 30, 2009


There's something you should understand about Macey. She looks like a cute, blue-eyed blond adorable girl. But she has a temper. And when she starts crying she cannot calm down until she is in her bed and has a few minutes away from everything.

And she is still addicted to her pacifier, lovingly know as her "pie".

So we've taken this addiction and tried to use it as an incentive in her potty training. Everytime she has an accident, we take away her "pie" and she has an opportunity to earn it back later.

Today she lost it. Because she had a big accident involving IT.

But tonight she got so upset at the thought of going to sleep without her pie. I knew I was heading for a full-blown meltdown.

So I tried one lie. I told her that her father had taken away her pie and I did not know where he put it.

It didn't work. The crying and screaming got louder.

So I tried another lie. I told her that I would look for her "emergency pie" (a tiny pacifier that they give to newborns at the hospital) if she would lay down. I was hoping that while I was "looking" she would fall asleep.

Then I got caught. Emma came downstairs, looking for her nightly drink of water, and caught me on the computer.

"Mom, are you looking for Macey's pie?" she asked.



Tina said...

they are tag teaming you!!!

LeeAnn said...

What!?! All those things that I have "lost" cannot be found on a google search!