Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Snow Incidents

It's now 10:06 a.m. I am calmly waiting for Child Protective Services to show up at my door. Should be any minute now.

The day started off calmly enough. Got dressed, got cereal, had our little morning devotional. So far, so good.

The girls could not wait another minute to play in the snow and got bundled up and headed out for the backyard. Macey only lasted a few minutes as she is not a fan of the snow.

Then it all started falling apart.

Macey was crying because she was wet and cold. Molly was crying because she had a yucky diaper and wanted to sleep. Emma was happily playing so I left her outside and got Macey in the bath and Molly changed.

Then I heard it. The ever so faint sound of my daughter screaming for help.

Apparently instead of taking off her mittens and opening the back door, Emma chose to stand outside and scream for help. Causing great concern for surrounding neighbors.



The GruCru said...

Eddie's not a fan of the snow either. Hasn't asked to go outside yet and I'm not suggesting it

Sylvia said...

I think CPS had a snow day so you got lucky :)