Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Was That MY Kid?

Wednesdays are supposed to be quiet days -- no preschool, no mad dashes to the Honda (with its accompanying seat warmers -- glorious.) But today was busy as I had to take Macey to the doctor. She's had a cold for five days and it's starting to affect her sleep. So off we went to the doctor's, to the Moore's to borrow their nebulizer (thank you, Stephanie!) to McDonalds, to the gas station and finally to Target to drop off Macey's prescriptions. Not exactly a quiet day.

Before we left Target, the girls asked if they could go see the toys. I said, "Sure" since they had been so good during everything. On the way to the toys, Macey was dancing around the aisle and not really being careful. Emma, always the big sister, YELLED:

"Macey, watch where you're going! You almost hit that old lady!"

Well, the lady was probably in her early 50's. . .and me . . . well, I just wanted to be anywhere but there.


Browne Towne said...

When Jacob was 4 we were at the commissary and right behind us was an abnormally tall man. Jacob in a totally loud voice said "Mom! He must suffer from giantism!" Gotta love a kid who watches the Discovery channel!

LeeAnn said...

Ah, the innocense of youth. Age is relative after all. 50 is beginning to peek it's head over my horizon and I can tell you that that is most definatley NOT old. 20years ago, yeah, it was.

Kiersten said...

Ha Ha... be thankful she wasn't a fat old lady :)

On The Go Family said...

That was going to be my comment ... I'm not sure which is worse: having her yell about an 'old lady' or a 'fat lady.'

A few months ago we were at an adult friend's bday party. As we were leaving, Goose said: "(The birthday boy) looks fat."