Saturday, January 17, 2009


I got Garry "Guitar Hero: World Tour" for his birthday. It has gotten a lot of use as he tries to improve his playing. He's really good and regularly crushes any score that I put up.

He likes the fact that you can "earn" money, and the other night he came upstairs to announce that he had made $643 in playing a set that night.

"You know it's not real, right?" I asked. "You're not getting a check in the mail."

Garry laughed, and I thought he understood that it was fake money. Easy come, easy go. Fake.

But the very next day we were customizing my own personal rocker on Guitar Hero. We got to the clothing section, and I found a pair of boots that I liked. Unfortunately, we were logged in on Garry's account, and he would have to pay for the boots from his fake money account.

"I'm not spending $450 on a pair of boots," he said.

I was stunned. I knew that Garry was generally careful with money in real life, but to be cheap on Guitar Hero was just a whole new level of cheap.

Needless to say, I have some trampy heels. How I am supposed to rock out in heels is beyond me.


Tina said...

that is funny! All I care about is the percentage of accuracy that I have . . . 80 percent or above is fine with me . . . that's kind-a how I was in school too!

Sylvia said...

I'm ashamed to admit that I'm with Garry...I wanted the heart shaped guitar but resisted it's extravagant price tag...I'm afraid I'll get buyers remorse and unlock something better and then not have the money.
Oh and Guitar Hero is SO real!

The GruCru said...

Gary must like you in trampy heels