Saturday, January 24, 2009


Every daughter chooses a certain way to rebel against her mother. It's the nature of the relationship. Knowing that one day we will have our own home and our own kids, we vow to do things differently and take a path apart from our mothers.

Emma has already rebelled.

Want to know how?

She folds clothes.

It's the most amazing thing. I do not fold clothes before I put them in drawers. I just don't. They are just going to get mixed up anyway and so I save my chronic organization for the closet.

Not Emma. She folds. Everything. Blankets, towels, pants. And she's good at it! I see a great future career for her at The Gap when she's a teenager.


Tina said...

Wow, a new parenting philosophy!! Do the OPPOSITE of what you want your kids to do . . . . hmmmmmm

The GruCru said...

That's amazing. Maybe if I stopped flushing the toilet, one of my kids would rebell and start flushing.