Thursday, January 29, 2009

Showing Off My Parenting Skills

Yesterday Miss Molly turned two months old. Two months! So today she was off to the doctor for her two-month-well-visit. (Crazy punctual -- are you proud of me, Stephanie?)

To get ready for her visit, Molly had a luxurious bath this morning. She was soaped up and lotioned -- every crevice was checked to make sure that she'd be ready for her inspection at the doctor's office. After Macey's breathing condition that I did not take care of and Molly's surprise yeast infection at her last visit, I had to repair my reputation in this doctor's office. I was a good Mom this morning.

We took the girls to school and then went to see the doctor. I stripped Molly down to her diaper and smelled it. IT. Big time IT. I had just a few minutes before the doctor came in. She still had a chance to be beautiful and clean and there was a chance that I would still look like a good Mom.

Until I opened my purse/baby bag.

I had one wipe.

One wipe would not take care of IT.

I got desperate, begged Molly for forgiveness, and wetted some paper towels that were in the exam room. Okay. She got pretty clean. And the doctor was still not there. Pfew.

I wrapped her up in a blanket.

And then I heard PPPFFFFffffffttttttttt.

So much for showing off my parenting skills.


Jana said...

Doesn't it always work that way. I had to change Baden's diaper at the commissary. No problem.... well no diapers! Luckily, I had a pull up that I kept handy for Billy. I had to use this huge pull up on Baden. It worked, but now I make sure I have plenty of everything!

Tina said...

I wouldn't dress my babies for church until we were just about to go through the door because if I did I would have to change them into something new anyway!! Diapers just weren't what they are these days I guess!

Your baby is soooo cute (just got home from seeing her at the shower) she's a darling!!

Kiersten said...

I'm sure she passed her exam with flying colors. She's adorable.

LeeAnn said...

Love the picture! What a cutie! You can tell Gary that any time he needs a baby holding break during Sunday School I'm available! I just have to pass her back before YW cause if she went in there with me "crazy cute baby chaos" would ensue!