Thursday, January 8, 2009

Did You Hear?

Did you hear about the six year old boy in Virginia that missed the bus and so he took the keys to his paents car and started driving to school? He drove six miles, made two ninety degree turns and even passed "slower" cars before finally crashing. After the crash, he got out and started walking because he did not want to miss breakfast and PE.

He told the cops that he learned to drive from Grand Theft Auto. The news report said that he probably would have made it but he got greedy and was passing cars that were too slow, which caused him to lose control.

Both of his parents were arrested for child endangerment.

Hey Tara, keep Eddie away from Mario Kart!


The GruCru said...

Actually, I 'm the worst at Mario Kart in the fam. However, if Sith Lords ever appear at our door, Spencer and Eddie will have us covered.

Melissa said...

This is my worst fear come to life. But ditto on the Sith Lord thing, or Arc stealing Thuggees, or the Joker.

Sylvia said...

And this is the same logic that makes me believe that Guitar Hero actually taught me how to play the guitar.

LeeAnn said...

I suppose if the kid had of been playing a "responsible" car game he would have made it to school alright. But Grand Theft Auto cannot teach you anything but badness!

Stephanie said...

Lance read an article about that a couple of nights ago and said, "I could see our kids doing that." Sad but true. Xander has already tried to drive Tara's van.