Thursday, January 15, 2009

My Open Letter To The Plastics Industry

In the immortal words of those who celebrate the grand holiday Festivus (the holiday for the rest of us) I have some grievances.

I am sure that you, the plastic industry, take great pride in the strength of your product. But in your driving need to make a superior product, you are hurting the American public.

My hands have just begun to heal from Christmas Day. For the love, why do you have to lock up Barbie like she is Fort Knox? I just do not see the rational in this. She only cost $9.99.

And videos and CDs. Wow. Is it your goal to make me look stupid in front of my children because I cannot open Kung Fu Panda because I cannot get the plastic off? If that's your goal, really, you are doing a great job.

May I suggest putting a nice tab on videos and CDs so that we can rip and go? And may I suggest that you ease up on guarding Barbie? I've seen the Mariposa movie (five times this week alone). She's tougher than she looks.


The GruCru said...

Too funny! I agree. You'd think w/ all the eco-frienldy talk, someone would cut down on the packaging.

Jessica said...

Well said!

Sylvia said...

That is so funny and true...
I'm quite sure that there is a Mariposa theft ring somewhere...that's why she's on lock down.
I love the airing of grievances.

Tina said...

I think I use my kitchen shears more for opening those packages than what they were intended for!