Friday, January 9, 2009

Charlie Brown and the Football

Every year before my birthday and Christmas I become terribly moody as I stress that Garry will not get me what I want or perhaps anything at all. He's not a gift person and, let's just face it, gifts are my love language, and so it can be a nasty combination at times.

But once a year, it's his turn to stress a little.

His birthday is tomorrow, January 10th, and there is nothing that Garry hates more than a silly, cheap gift. Okay, there are things that he hates more. But this ranks right up there.

I use this information to have a little fun. The last two years I have called Garry and harmlessly asked, "Hey, is $12.99 a good price for an Old Spice Value Pack cologne with body wash?" Now, I never hint that this is his gift, but it's naturally what he assumes, and each year he has yelled into the phone:


It works every year. I try to mix it up a bit. This year it was Old Spice. I think last year it was Aqua Fresh. But the reaction is always the same. I love it.


Sylvia said...

Brighton's birthday is Sunday. I like to wrap his presents in Barbie or some other girly gift wrap just to mess with him...he hates it but it's so fun...he always gets over it though when he sees the cool boy gift inside.

The GruCru said...

Didn't he get you a Wii for Christmas? maybe you should get him a collection of chick flics or a spa day.