Friday, January 23, 2009


Emma and Macey are 16 months apart. It may surprise people, but I actually planned it that way. Being separated from my siblings by several years, I wanted my kids to be close together so that they could play with one another and be great friends. Sometimes it works! And sometimes it doesn't.

QUARTERS: Take for example the case of the disappearing quarter. Garry bribes Macey to use the potty with quarters. And being two, after she gets one, she promptly loses it. One day she lost her latest quarter. She looked everywhere. About an hour later we had dinner and Emma unclenched her fist so that she could eat. Suddenly Garry & I heard a "tink, tink, tink." What do you know, a quarter. But she swore it was not Macey's.

PRAYERS: In our nightly and meal prayers lately we have been praying that Macey could remember to use the potty. Two nights ago it was Macey's turn to pray and she prayed that EMMA could be good and use the potty. As soon as she said Amen there was a major protest from Emma. "I do not need her to pray that I can use the potty. I can use the potty!" And the protest continued. I understood that Emma saw this as a low blow, but I thought it was kind of funny.


Kiersten said...

Oh yeah...siblings can be the best of friends one day and mortal enemies the next. I'm glad that my brothers and sisters and I grew up and let the friend part take over.

The GruCru said...

Having kids close together is good, b/c when sibling rilvary turns physical, they're close to the same size