Monday, January 19, 2009

The Irony Of It All

This weekend we have tackled trying to potty train Macey. Today is Day Three. At the beginning of Day One things were going so well that I thought I might just have to write a book about my method. And then it all started falling apart. By 5:30 she was back in a diaper because she was out of clean underwear.

Day Two. Started off alright. It was the day of the piddles. She'd piddle just enough to need new undies but not enough to cause a big accident. She stopped using the potty entirely and instead waited until nap time and bedtime (when she got a pull-up) to let everything loose.

Day Three. I grew tired of the experts. They suggest making potty training a "happy" and "fun" experience, not getting mad, and never punishing for accidents. After a horrible morning of accidents, Macey got a time-out, spanked, and then, this is really horrible, after her third bad accident in an hour, I took away her lovey blanket.

Experts be darned. She has not had an accident since.

But the irony of it all -- I might end up with a bladder infection because I have not gone to the bathroom! I'm always in the bathroom with her! And since she's using it, I'm not. And when we're not in the bathroom, I either have Molly or am on "Macey Watch".

It's all very stressful.


The GruCru said...

Keep the faith

Kiersten said...

I agree, potty training is very stressful. She'll get it :)

jkbd said...

She'll figure it out. Be consistent, but don't push too hard. It's stressful, but you will make it. Now go to the bathroom!

Tina said...

Potty training has to be my least favorite thing I ever had to do and don't like the memories either . . Ditto grucru . . keep the faith!

cemarcano said...

I have to admit, I've had my moments when I've lost it over potty training and it was back to the diaper til she AND I had the energy to try again. Lily's prayers at night are priceless: "Bless that I can get on the potty train." Even after two months, I still have to remember to be somewhat vigilant in reminding her to go, but we haven't been back to diapers since Thanksgiving! So yes, I know Macey can do it too. Hang in there!