Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Sometimes I feel pretty good about being a mother and how much the girls are learning. Today we had our "morning devotional" where we read an article in the Friend and today part of it actually stuck -- it was an article about all the things God created, and Emma actually talked about it a bit on our way to storytime at the library.

Those are the good days.

Then there are the not so good days.

We were in Sacrament Meeting and the speaker was talking about the Prophet, Joseph Smith. Emma perked up and exclaimed, "Joseph Smith! He's on Pocohontas!!"

Oh, dear. No, Emma, that would be Captain John Smith. But close.

Here's hoping your good days outnumber your bad.


Tina said...

Morning devotional? You are doing an AWESOME job!!

Love those one word subject lines . . . you scare me!

Sylvia said...

That's a cute story :)
and you are so not a failure.

Kiersten said...

Yeah I had a similar experience when I pointed to the Liahona in a book and asked my kids what it was...the answer..."The Golden Snitch!"
Funny, but wrong :)

LeeAnn said...

If I could do it all over again, would I......probably not. You have great girls so you must be doing things right!

The GruCru said...

Ha Ha!
I'm impressed by the morning devotional.

Garry said...

That's not all. Remember that she pointed to Craig Lawrence and asked, "Is that the prophet?" Not quite Emma, but good guess. It was an inspirational talk.

Tina said...

Ha, Ha Garry . . . McKay thought that Mary Halsey's dad, Brother Shumway was president Hinckley . . . but there is a bit of resemblence there don't you think? It tickled Brother Shumway.

jkbd said...

Hardly a failure. Morning devotionals -- that is great. Every Sunday Billy hopes we wake up late so we miss church. I think failure may be my tag line.