Sunday, January 18, 2009

My Baby Fashionista

Before Macey was born I bought a soft yellow outfit for her. It was a jumper outfit with a matching onesie. And I bought the matching blanket to go along with it. So beautiful and so soft.

It was with much joy that I brought that outfit back out to let Molly enjoy it.

But apparently, she really does not enjoy it. Nope, not one bit.

How do I know? Because each time I put it on her, she spits up. She SPEWS. She makes the outfit unwearable, and I have to change her into something else. She's done this not once, twice, or three times. More like four.

If she's this opinionated at a few weeks old, I hate to think what the toddler years will bring.


Sylvia said...

She's not opinionated...just very smart and stylish for her age :)

The GruCru said...

maybe w/ all the early talk about her being yellow, she's decided it't not her best color

Kiersten said...

This would not have been a good gauge for my babies. They spit up everywhere on everything all the time. Unless...maybe that means I have horrible fashion sense :)