Sunday, February 1, 2009

Wiggle Jiggle Wiggle Jiggle

It's easy to put people on a pedastal. If they dress better than you, if their children behave better than yours, if they went to a better school -- up the pedastal they go.

I'll never agree with Michelle Obama's politics, but she dresses well, her children behave well, and she went to a great school. So up the pedastal she went.

And down she came again.

Why? Because I realized on Inauguration Night that she is fully human. When? After the "First Dance" when she waved at the crowd -- her upper arm wiggle jiggled, wiggle jiggled just like mine! With all the resources of the world at her disposal, she cannot do anything about that wiggle jiggle.



Tina said...

Alicia, you have NOTHING on your arms that can "wiggle jiggle" you silly!!!

Cunningham Blog said...

oh, I can wiggle jiggle with the best of them. And I can't blame all that extra skin on any pregnancies. Just gravity, I guess.

LeeAnn said...

You are hilarious!

Stephanie said...

I tried to post this earlier so let's see if it works this time. But I totally noticed that too. Isn't it so sad that she had this pretty dress on and all I noticed was her arm flab.