Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Now is THAT fair?

I think that before Valentine's Day women should not be allowed to watch commercials. Women should particularly avoid commercials advertising jewelry. Those commercials are so sappy and contain so much bling, anything any real man does will pale in comparison even if he really tried.

Has Garry contacted my mother, had her send my childhood jewelry box to him, and bought some carat-friendly new earrings to go in said favorite childhood jewelry box? Umm, no. I know what you're thinking -- maybe he did! Alicia, you never know! I may not know my husband's true capacity for being a sappy romantic, but I DO KNOW my mom's tendency to throw things away. That said, I also do not expect on Saturday for a fire to be burning, flowers blooming, candles glimmering, kids hiding. It's just not in the cards. Which reminds me, a card is always nice.

So what do I expect? This year my New Years Resolution was to learn to ask for what I wanted instead of just being mad when I do not get it. So, on Saturday I expect the necklace I dragged my husband to the mall to look at. And if dinner happens to be a cornish hen, hey, that would be great as well.

Earrings I lose. Ballerina jewelry boxes I break. Truly, I do. But the memories of a good cornish hen with yummy mashed potatoes and something chocolately for dessert? Those last forever.


The GruCru said...

I'm pretty much good w/ the somthing chocolate

Sylvia said...

I'm with Tara chocolate is the best gift...not a big fan of roses or jewelry although I wouldn't mind one of the new Kindles..just by the off chance my husband were reading this :)