Monday, February 9, 2009

Stupid Congress

A lot of the actions taken by Congress lately have brought me great concern. Truly. But one action in particular really bothers me.

Not the bank bailout or the so-called "stimulus" plan. Though I could blog about both of those.

What I find annoying is Congress extending the DTV deadline from February 17th to sometime in June.

After suffering through a year of those stupid commercials warning everyone about FEBRUARY 17th, I find that I have to suffer through at least another four months.

Why did Congress do this? Why? WHy? WHY? Because they estimate that 6.5 million people are not prepared.

How could over 6.5 million people not be ready? How in the world can there be 6.5 million procrastinators in the United States!! That is the entire state of Idaho procrastinating 6 times over.

And it's not just procrastinating something for a week. These people have procrastinated something FOR A YEAR!

Cut their television. That'll get em moving.


Kiersten said...

I agree! Isn't it their own fault that they aren't ready.

Tina said...

I agree also. The TV stations have wanted to cut Analog for years, it costs them more money to transmit both ways. Congress made them keep transmitting. In most countries it would have just gone down, no warning. When 8 track tapes and vinyl records went out vogue, did we need an act of congress to help us get in to cassette tapes, or into CD's or into Blue Ray? Geesh! their long arms get into EVERYTHING!

Michael Isom said...

For what its worth, a well-placed source told me that the reason they picked Feb 17th was that it was after the Superbowl and before March order to allow people to prepare for the games....glad to know Congress is thinking about our entertainment needs.

LeeAnn said...

Leave it to men(after all congress is heavily populted with the male gender) to think of the best time to make the change! I'm all for Tina's suggestion, just cut it!

The GruCru said...

what I love is that they always give internet addresses for people to check out for more info-I'm sure the same people that are still using rabbit ears surf the net on a regular basis.

Also it's not like it's food, shelter, or heat-It's TV