Monday, February 16, 2009

The Road Trip -- Without The Road

After church on Sunday we took off on Molly's first road trip -- without much road. We just headed up to Baltimore where we used some of Garry's Marriott points to stay at a hotel near the Inner Harbor. Emma and Garry hit the pool and the hot tub while Macey, Molly and I relaxed in the room and watched a movie.

Garry then took the girls to Taco Express and then picked up some cheesecakes at Whole Foods where Garry ran up and down the aisle pretending that he was on Top Chef.

Sunday night we popped some popcorn and watched a movie.

Today we had breakfast and headed off to the aquarium when the trip started going horribly wrong. Molly did not like being in her Baby Bjorn, obviously oblivious to how much the darn thing cost. Emma was cranky and did not want to look at a single fish. And then Macey had a little peeing accident.

The best thing about a road trip without a lot of road? You can come home!


Sylvia said...

At least you tried....
Brighton was such a bad traveller as a baby that I don't think we left Charles County for 6 months after he was born. You and Garry gets A's for effort perhaps next time will be better...there will be a next time right?

The GruCru said...

sorry we skipped on you. Isom's invited the boys over, and we thought they'd have just as much fun doing that and we'd save $200 and get some stuff done around the house. None of my kids liked the Bjorn much either