Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Prove Your Love

It is only Tuesday, and already the theme of this week seems to be: Prove Your Love.

Case in point. After the Super Bowl was over I turned to Garry and asked him if he liked me. Really liked me. Would hang out with me even if he did not have to. Like me. Not loved me because I am married to you. But am happy to be with you because I like you. Like you.

So many men want to have this conversation right after the Super Bowl, and, needless to say, by the time the conversation was done Garry did not like me much.

Today I had to Prove My Love to Molly. More than anything in this world I wanted onion rings. Yummy. Onion rings with a special sauce. But I'm nursing, and I recognize that it would not be good in the long run for Molly. So I proved my love and devotion and just got fries. Now that is love.


Tina said...

You are a brave woman . . . and yes, very selfless!!

LeeAnn said...

So perhaps now you will asks those of us in blogger land to prove our love for you by sacrificing and eating the onion rings with special sauce for you!!!

Cunningham Blog said...

That would be a great showing of friendship -- have an extra large serving of onion rings and think of me! With special sauce, of course.