Sunday, February 8, 2009


Little Miss Emma is turning into one little sneaky devil. Or maybe she always has been and I've just started noticing.

Let's take the cereal example. We really struggle with the girls asking for food and then not finishing it or, in some cases, once they get it deciding they do not want it and not even touching it. This has been really frustrating for Garry and me, and so we have cracked down on this behavior. So Emma has had to get crazy sneaky.

She had cereal. Life cereal. And on the box there were strawberries in said Life cereal. So Emma desperately needed strawberries as well, just like the picture. We happened to have some, and so I cut them up, recut them after Emma discovered "something yucky green" still on top, and served them to her. She later happily reported later that she had eaten her breakfast "all gone". I went to check and to my wonderful amazement, her food was all gone. But wait. What were all these strawberries doing in Macey's bowl? I quickly explained to Emma that it did not count.

Then there's her delegation "problem". She has miraculously discovered the benefit of being oldest -- that being, she gets to reign over the smaller ones. But I think that even she knows she has to capitalize on this FAST because Macey is catching up. The other day I gave Emma something that she needed to put back in her room. I gave her specific instructions on where it needed to go. A few seconds later I heard Emma repeat the exact same instructions TO MACEY as she delegated the task right on down.

Upper management, here she comes!
The picture above is of our sneaky little devil ICE SKATING!!

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