Thursday, February 26, 2009

I Knew It!

I have long believed that products made for men and women are simply not equal. For example, take nylons. Truly, if you are "nice" to your nylons -- take them off as soon as you can, handwash, clip those unsightly toenails (oh, the stories I have about old roommates and you know who you are!!) how long does a pair of nylons last? Not long. Even the ones that are run-proof do not run, they simply tear.

I have often thought that if men wore nylons they would come up with some sensible, durable ones.

Today I ran out of deodorant and had to use Garry's. It was like applying cement to my armpits. Not a single drop of perspiration would dare escape. It simply was not possible, what with the liquid cement and all. Why can't I have a deodorant like this, except with a more pleasant scent?

Those of you who think I am kidding, or, dare I admit, EXAGGERATING, go ahead and steal your husband's deodorant and try it out. You'll be shocked at the difference and we can write letters of complaint together.


The GruCru said...

strong enough for a man, but made for a woman

You could get the unscented kind. I like Dove because it doesn't get white marks all over my dark shirts

LeeAnn said...

I recall purchasing a brand of deoderant(I think it was Mitchum) that was made for women and that stuff was vicious! It made my arm pits break out in a horrible rash. Read the instruction on it one day and it was a non-daily use deoderant. WHAT!?!?! It was so strong that you only needed to use it once to possible twice a week. No wonder I broke out!