Saturday, February 21, 2009


This morning I got caught in another Project Runway marathon. (Curse you, Bravo!) One of the dresses that came down the runway was stunning, I thought. Bold colors, snazzy design. I was a fan.

Then came the judges comments. Apparently my favorite outfit was in the bottom two! What! What! The judges said that it was just "so 1990's".

And apparently so am I.


Sylvia said...

I hate when that happens to me...I love it and the judges hate it. This also happens on that cake decorating contest show...sorry drawing a I guess I have no career in clothes designing or cake decorating...drat there go all my aspirations down the drain.

Tina said...

Well, I guess that is better than the 80's which would be the case for me!

Browne Towne said...

Well, you are a self proclaimed scrunchy lover!! ha ha