Thursday, February 19, 2009

No Hope

I like to watch the news. This has not always been the case. I used to wish that the Nightly News would get cancelled when I was young. We only had three channels, and the Nightly News really put a dent into my evening enjoyment. And now, as an adult, I find it deplorable that the Today show is four hours long. But, I digress.

I like to watch the news because I like watching the Weather Forecasts. Is there anything better than watching a five day forecast and seeing the temperatures go higher and higher! Or seeing a big old sun clip art spanning the five days? It makes me happy as I look forward to the days getting warmer and warmer. Spring stretchy pants, here I come!

But lately, I have had no hope. The weather has plateaued and so has my mood. The days stretch forward -- 40 degrees, 46 degrees, 41 degrees. And instead of a big old sun clip art I see BREEZY written across the days.

This is horrible. This is a hereto undiscovered, unexplored level of Dante's Inferno. How long can it last?


Sylvia said...

I see it's going to snow on Sunday...yuck...just patiently waiting for Summer and warm weather too.

The GruCru said...

let's all move to Texas-we could start a commune

Grammy said...

Well, you could come and visit Grammy...81 today! But tomorrow, not so good...71! But it will start going up again...74 Saturday...great beach weather!

LeeAnn said...

But just think about the end of July and August. The heat. The sticky humidity. The yearnings for fall. I think winter and summer should be banned. Give me spring and fall and I'm a happy camper!

LeeAnn said...

Quick run outside at high noon and yell"HOO-DI-HOO!" For it is national Hoo-di-hoo day and when you yell this at high noon it will drive away winter!