Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Trials of the Dora Shirt

Emma has a few Dora shirts, but one in particular is her favorite. It's pink and blue and has short little sleeves. It also comes with a pair of stylin' pants.

A few weeks ago, she got green paint on the sleeve. When she saw an Oxi-Clean commercial, she got really excited because HERE was a product that could help her clean up her beloved shirt.

If Emma could wear the shirt to school everyday, she would. I have to try to let it sit in the dirty clothes for several days because once it's washed, she's wearing it again. The very next day if not the very moment it comes out of the wash.

At first I could not understand why Emma LOVED this one shirt until one day, in a tantrum fit over the shirt, she yelled, "But Mama, my teachers LOVE that shirt!"

Aha! The real culprit! Her teachers at school had clearly complimented her shirt and that meant the world to Emma.

So here's my plan. The next time Emma picks out an outfit that does not match or is getting too small or I wish she'd stop wearing, I'll just safety pin a little note saying, "ATTENTION TEACHERS & AIDES: PLEASE DO NOT SAY ANYTHING NICE ABOUT THIS SHIRT."

That should work until she can read.


The GruCru said...

Eddie owns about 5 star wars t-shirts-it's the only way we get him to change shirts

Sylvia said...

Lucky for us no favorite's more like favorite flip flops whether it be 85 or 8 days Child Services will show up and I'll know exactly why.

Jana said...

Jessica had a favorite shirt that she wanted to wear every day. I eventually had to hide it and that did the trick.

Browne Towne said...

Is it safe to compliment her at church, surley the things she wears to church you like, right?

Cunningham Blog said...

Sure! Unless it's a Dora shirt with a skirt. Then mums the word.